Karen Marcoux Long

Eric Neurath Photography is a real gem for any professional in the marketing industry. I use his services and am proud to refer him to others in need of great customer service, plus great photography, which makes it or breaks it in my business.

Karen Marcoux Long
Owner, Fresh Design
Graphic Design Firm

Douglas Nevill Sr.

I am the architect of Best Way Websites, website design software for small business owners.  When consulting with them about their websites, I always recommend that they start by hiring a professional photographer, and tell them that they need someone who is experienced with commercial or business photography, not just an ordinary portrait photographer.  

I also always recommend Eric Neurath, because I am confident that they will receive the very best (and make the website that I create for them look great, too!).  I have never had a client that I recommended to Eric report anything other than perfect satisfaction.

Douglas E. Nevill
Best Way Websites
Small Business Website Development & Internet Marketing

Trisha Chomica

As an Interior Designer, photos of my work are crucial, that's why I've chosen to work with an excellent, professional photographer like Eric Neurath to build my portfolio, I can count on beautiful photos every time.

Trisa Chomica
Trisa & Co.
Interior Design Firm

Bobby Beeman

I have been very pleased with Eric's photography. His willingness to work around crazy schedules, as well as his patience and candor have made him very enjoyable to work with. He has shown incredible professionalism and consistency when taking corporate photography assignments for us.

Bobby Beeman
Marketing & P.R. Coordinator
Olympic Medical Center